Manufacturing doors and windows

Our Company directly manufactures and provide the installation of 95% of our products thanks to the competence of our staff.
Our company has not only a technical office, where we develop new projects, but also a CNC numerical control machinery and every kind of device that is necessary to guarantee a high standard quality.

We have been working for more than fifty years on the realization of metal doors and windows for prestigious mansions, public buildings, small and medium company, always trying to do our best to assure technical skills and reliability.

Range of products

Why aluminium

Design: aluminium windows, doors and curtain walls can be adapted to every kind of shape, aluminium is ideal for contemporary large window frames but also to restore historic buildings tanks to a board range of chromatic finishes such as RAL colours, wood effect and many more.

Durability: Aluminium is a very good material that does not suffer the effect of UV rays like wood and PVC. Another important features of aluminium is that it does not change its shape even after many years of exposure to bad weather conditions.

Thermal insulation: Thanks to high thermal performance of a new generation of profiles we could make doors and windows suitable for -low energy buildings. Water and air tightness is the most important feature that determinesthe energy efficiency of windows. Furthermore, the robustness of profiles and the open-joint gasket system will assure the same performance the same performance of the product over time.

Ecology: Aluminium is one of the most recyclable material, it is 100% and infinitely recyclable, aluminium is not toxic. For this reasons it is usable in every kind of buildings such as houses, hospitals, schools, factories.

Price/quality: Aluminum has an outstanding price/quality ratio. Opposed to common belief, aluminium in not necessary more expesive than other materials. Aluminium is in fact a good investment and matches a long-term vision in construction.